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Sunil Gupta, brand director, Reebok India.

After-hours with the boss

1 min read . 11 Oct 2019
As the cooler weather rolls in, many people start jogging and running regularly, prompting a need to pick the right footwear.
Wear regular seasoned running shoes to begin with. Photo: iStockphoto

The science of selecting shoes

3 min read . 16 Oct 2017
The price of Adidas  AlphaBounce is Rs10,999.

Review: Adidas AlphaBounce

2 min read . 22 Nov 2016
Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.5. Price: Rs12,999

Review: Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.5

1 min read . 10 Oct 2016
Kristen Stewart favours the high street look—sporty shoes with dresses—currently the single most popular fashion trend across the world.<br />

Sneakers and lace

4 min read . 01 Jun 2016
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