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Bigg Boss host Salman Khan. Right now, Bigg Boss seems to be the reality show with most regional language versions on Indian television.

What makes ‘Bigg Boss’ tick?

4 min read . 19 Apr 2018
Illustration: Jayachandran/Mint

The dangers of Hindi chauvinism

3 min read . 21 Apr 2017
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Smartphone apps that caught our eye

3 min read . 31 Dec 2015
A.G. Ramakrishnan (left) and H.R. Shivakumar. After nearly 15 years of development and at a cost of about `5.3 lakh, the duo built the Madhura software. Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint<br /><br />

Voice for the blind

4 min read . 02 Dec 2015
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