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Aam Admi Party and of Narendra Modi have both enthused Bangalore people into standing (for and against) and certainly into voting. In Pic: A polling booth in Bangalore. Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint<br />

Agenda for change

3 min read . 18 Apr 2014
Swaminathan Aiyar’s piece is based on a report that assesses 20 indicators of the size and efficiency of state governments, their legal structure and property rights, and regulation of labour and business. In Pic: A cotton farm in Wankaner, Gujarat. AFP<br />

The best state debate

4 min read . 15 Apr 2014
It isn’t really an interview so much as stenography in the sense that there is no examination of Narendra Modi’s actions or any challenging of his assertions. Photo: AP<br />

The Narendra Modi interview on NewsX

2 min read . 11 Apr 2014
C.N.R. Rao recently said that science in India is crippled by political apathy. Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint<br />

Why science is not in our culture

4 min read . 23 Nov 2013
Hemant Morparia’s humorous Barack Obama busts. Photo courtesy: Hemant Morparia<br />

An updated guide to idol worshipping

5 min read . 14 Sep 2013
Pranav Mistry, head of the think tank team, Samsung Research America, points to the so-called ‘Memographer’ camera on a Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch during its launch at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin on Wednesday. Photo: Reuters  (Reuters)
Belawadi (right) acts in the role of a RAW agent in ‘Madras Cafe’<br />

A restless Renaissance Man

4 min read . 31 Aug 2013
Fatima Bhutto signs autographs at the launch of her book ‘Songs of Blood and Swords; in Mumbai in 2010. Photo: Vijaynanand Gupta/Hindustan Times <br />

The fall guy at any book launch

4 min read . 17 Aug 2013
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