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Biden Admin. In Panic Ahead Of Debt Ceiling Deadline | Will The U.S. Default?

Biden administration is in a state of panic as the default ceiling deadline nears. The administration raised warned of ‘catastrophic’ consequences for the US economy, in case, the U.S. does default as the negotiations with the Republicans have not yet led to a desirable result. The Biden admin raised yet another alarm last week after the treasury secretary warned of job losses and other serious consequences earlier.

15 May 2023

Tax increase for corporations looks more likely as US election nears

A potential Democratic sweep means companies can no longer take the 21% rate for granted

4 min read19 Oct 2020

Trump trails among seniors, key group in many battleground states

Some states with big populations of people over 65 years old are also places where voters appear to be shifting away from Trump, polls show

4 min read19 Oct 2020

Biden's low-key campaign style worries some Democrats

Biden maintains a vigorous schedule even when he's not traveling, doing many events onlineBiden's swing state visits often seem tailor-made for a television package: A small, socially distanced roundtable or town hall, always with fewer than 25 people

5 min read25 Sep 2020

Donald Trump formally accepts Republican Party's presidential renomination for Nov election

Donald Trump was introduced by his daughter Ivanka Trump.Donald Trump, 74, accepted the nomination on the last night of the Republican National Convention on Thursday from the White House South Lawn

1 min read28 Aug 2020

Donald Trump says he expects to wear a mask when he visits military hospital

Donald Trump said he would be visiting wounded soldiers as well as front-line workers seeking to contain the covid-19 pandemicDonald Trump, who had become increasingly isolated within the Republican Party for not promoting wearing a mask

1 min read10 Jul 2020

US banks win $21 billion Trump tax windfall then cut staff, loaned less

Major US banks shaved about $21 billion from their tax bills last year -- almost double the IRS’s annual budget -- as the industry benefited more than many others from the Republican tax overhaulThe tally is based on a review of financial results and commentary from the 23 US banks

6 min read6 Feb 2019

Opinion | The Republicans’band of boys play on

A maverick mentor and his young successors spur this 56-year-old Mumbai hockey club to move forward Almost every player who has emerged from Mumbai on to a bigger stage has gone through the Republicans

10 min read3 Feb 2019

Government shutdown becomes longest in US history

The Democrats' refusal to approve $5.7 billion demanded by Donald Trump for the wall project has paralysed Washington

3 min read12 Jan 2019

Opinion | Donald Trump’s long shutdown could destabilize the world

The longest shutdown on record is 21 days, from late December 1995 to early January 1996

4 min read6 Jan 2019
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