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How Account Aggregator Shows All Your Finances In Just One Place | Explained

The AA framework launched by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is not only helping individuals to view all their savings in one place and track their spending habits, but also enabling banks to sanction small-ticket loans to customers instantly. Life insurers are also using the framework to sanction policies on an instant basis. Investment products are also getting integrated into the system.

15 Feb 2024

RBI Tells Banks To Stop Relying On OTPs For Authentication Amid Rising Scams & Frauds

During his latest monetary policy address, RBI governor Shaktikanta Das said that the regulator wants banks and fintechs to come up with authentication mechanisms other than SMS-linked OTPs. This in view of the rising number of cyber scams and OTP-linked frauds. But what are some of the other ways in which authentication can be done? Watch

13 Feb 2024

How Paytm Payments Bank Came Under RBI’s Scanner | Explained

RBI’s restrictions on Paytm Payments Bank have raised a storm. Its stock has hit lower circuits for three consecutive days including on Monday despite Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s efforts to douse the fire. He tweeted to thank users and supporters. And said, the company is working towards implementing RBI instructions. But why did RBI come down on Paytm? What got Paytm under RBI’s scanner in the first place? Watch the full video to find out.

5 Feb 2024

How RBI’s Restrictions On Paytm Payments Bank Impact You | All You Need To Know | Watch

RBI in a press release announced some restrictions on Paytm Payments Bank. Posts on the subject have put #paytm right at the top of the trending section of X formally known as Twitter. If you are a Paytm user or shareholder or both, this must have got your attention as well. Watch this video to understand how the restrictions will impact you.

2 Feb 2024

Soaring Tomato Prices Have RBI Analysts Worried; Can Spoil RBI’s Anti-Inflation Efforts

When RBI analysts start to write articles worrying about something you know things might be getting out of hand. Off late, if there’s one thing that seems to be slipping out of everybody’s hands, it's tomatoes. Soaring tomato prices across the country have caught the attention of RBI analysts, who think, the spike in tomato prices is a serious concern. If unchecked, the last-mile battle to keep inflation under control can prove to be difficult.

18 Jul 2023

Half of all ₹2k notes returned | Mint Primer | Mint

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced the withdrawal of ₹2,000 banknotes from circulation, providing a deadline for deposit or exchange. In this video, we delve into the reasons behind this move, the impact on liquidity, and the response from the public. Explore the decline in circulation, the reconciliation of deposited and exchanged notes, and updates on the deadline extension. Learn how RBI aims to minimize inconvenience for individuals both in India and abroad.

14 Jun 2023

Indian banks better off than American, European peers | Mint Explains | Mint

In this video, we'll explore the factors that make Indian banks different from their troubled US counterparts and why they may be better positioned to weather the storm.

15 May 2023

India's forex reserves drop $2.16 bn to $584.24 bn | Mint Primer | Mint

After a decline of $2.16 billion, India's forex reserves now stand at $584.25 billion. What factors led to this dip and how does it impact the Indian economy? Stay tuned as we explore the key reasons and consequences in detail.

7 May 2023

India's forex reserves jump to 9-month high to $584 bn

Discover the latest surge in India's foreign exchange reserves, reaching a nine-month high of $584.76 billion as of April 7th. With various components contributing to this growth, such as foreign currency assets, gold reserves, and Special Drawing Rights, it's important to understand how these factors impact India's economy and the rupee.

28 Apr 2023

RBI caps savings account withdrawal limit to ₹5000 on these two banks

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has restricted the withdrawal limit to ₹5,000 for savings and current account customers of Uravakonda Co-operative Town Bank and Shankarrao Mohite Patil Sahakari Bank Ltd.

1 min read25 Feb 2023
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