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Opinion | Make your retirement corpus work harder so that it lasts till the end

Manage your portfolio dynamically to get a return that keeps pace with inflation

3 min read18 Nov 2019

Ready investment blueprint to have a stress-free retired life

Split your corpus in a way that you have regular income and are also able to accumulate for the futureFunds needed in the short term can be parked in liquid or ultra-short debt funds for higher returns than FDs

5 min read8 Oct 2019

Indians are starting to save for retirement early, but is it enough?

Indians have start saving early, but not always with a clear picture of how much of a corpus they will needFixed deposits, endowment policies are still the most common ways of investing with 86% respondents saying they preferred it, followed by recurring deposits

2 min read29 Sep 2019

Five things that can make your retirement stress-free

Not everyone is entitled to an employer-sponsored pensionLongevity risk, or the risk of outliving the available corpus, is the biggest stress for senior citizens

5 min read21 Aug 2019

Professionals should not be lax about their retirement planning

Independent professionals need to have a retirement age in mind and start building a corpus in timeUnlike salaried employees, independent professionals do not fall under an organized retirement plan

5 min read2 Jul 2019

Opinion | Financially independent can retire early without feeling irrelevant

If you do retire early, be proud of the fact that you were able to do it earlier than others

3 min read1 May 2019

What is EPS and when are you eligible to get it?

As per the Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995, the employer needs to contribute 8.33% of your salary into EPSAfter working for more than 10 years, you are eligible for EPS pension, which starts either at the age of 50 or 58 years, as per your choice

1 min read15 Apr 2019

Why safe withdrawal rate is significant when you are planning for retirement

SWR is a conservative approach towards making sure your retirement corpus doesn’t get exhausted prematurelySWR tries to protect your savings from such factors by inhibiting retirees to withdraw beyond a certain percentage from their corpus, typically 3-4%

2 min read28 Mar 2019

Don’t dilute your portfolio by holding too many funds

;You would need to identify how much you need for your financial goals. This will tell you how much you need to save in order to get there.Mix funds across categories to maximise your returns

1 min read21 Mar 2019

Sequence risk can impact your pension corpus

Move your investments to safe assets such as fixed deposits or debt funds at least five years before retirementGradually moving your portfolio from higher-risk investments to lower-risk ones could also help

2 min read28 Feb 2019
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