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Rise of AI

The big jobs debate: Who’s at risk from GenAI?

Previous tech waves impacted the blue-collar worker. Now, the white-collar employee’s future is more threatened

9 min read14 Aug 2023

Why tech pioneers are divided over AI

Historian and writer Yuval Noah Harari, who has been consistent in his criticism of AI says he’s not sure if humans can survive AI

2 min read1 Jun 2023

Virat bonds with fans via generative AI

The real-time messaging service has been made possible with the help of generative AI tools from RJio and Two Platforms Inc

3 min read22 May 2023

Why Indian cos are wary of deploying ChatGPT-based bots

Experts feel that the AI is still in early stages of development, and the fact that it can still generate incoherent and insensitive answers is a drawback.

2 min read27 Feb 2023

Will ChatGPT kill search engines or make them smarter?

ChatGPT is interactive while search engines passively provide article links. This has made many believe that search engines will become redundant.

2 min read7 Feb 2023

The AI chatbot that has the whole world in a flutter

The smart chatbot is keeping people glued by answering questions, writing code and poems, all with human-like sensitivity.

2 min read6 Dec 2022

Why the Indian Railways will face an AI conundrum

A majority of the jobs offered by Indian Railways in its recent recruitment drive, for which it received 25 million applications, can be automated with the help of AI and robotics

5 min read26 Apr 2018

The complex issue of AI and ethics

How transparent are the decisions taken by artificial neural networks?

3 min read30 Nov 2016

Meta AI chatbot claims parenthood of 'Gifted Child' in NYC program: Cause for concern?

Meta's AI chatbot stirs controversy in a NYC parenting group by claiming to have a child in a Gifted and Talented program, sparking discussions on AI boundaries in social interactions.

1 min read19 Apr 2024

Mint Primer | American AI bill: Is it a boon or bane for global innovation?

Titled Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act, 2024, the bill proposes that tech firms building AI models disclose the source of their data

2 min read11 Apr 2024
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