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If interest rates go up, existing bonds that pay a lower coupon will see a decline in the prices so that the yield from them will adjust upwards to the current market rates. (iStock)

What’s interest rate risk?

1 min read . 06 May 2020
As a retail investor, focusing on the big picture is important, but adopting practical measures is equally vital to ensure financial safety.

As markets become volatile, invest in Fixed Deposit

3 min read . 13 Mar 2020
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Home policy covers accidental damage

1 min read . 18 Nov 2019
Dhoni is immensely popular and this has created a field day for cyber criminals to lure unsuspecting consumers to malicious websites (Reuters file)

Opinion | Beware of Dhoni!

1 min read . 22 Oct 2019
Cyber risk insurance is prevalent to cover losses due to cyber attacks (Photo: iStock)

Take cover against cyber attacks

1 min read . 13 Oct 2019
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