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Multibagger small-cap stock to raise ₹50 crore fund via rights issue. Share hits upper circuit

Multibagger stock today opened upside and went on to hit 5% upper circuit by noon

2 min read6 Oct 2023

India's AI Aspirations: Catching Up with the Global Market | Mint Explains | Mint

India is gearing up to host the G20 leaders' summit later this year. It presents a fantastic opportunity for the country to showcase its capabilities in information technology and the digital economy. The most advanced weapons of the future will not be bombs or missiles, but AI-powered applications and devices. #g20summit #artificialintelligence #ai #digitaleconomy #mint Click here to download the Mint App

23 Jun 2023

Brace Yourself; ‘Mind Reading’ AI Tools Are Coming Claims Bill Gates

New AI tools will be able to read your thoughts, needs and emotions…things that have remained an enigma since the first human walked on the planet. And that bold claim was made recently by tech mogul Bill Gates at an AI Forward event hosted by Goldman Sachs and SV Angel, Gates. Since ChatGPT went live last year, not a day goes by when some major development in the AI world doesn’t make it to the news headlines. Gates believes if AI keeps evolving at the current pace, then soon such tools will become a reality.

30 May 2023

Ace investor Vijay Kedia raises stake in this multibagger stock, scrip up over 100% in 6 months

During today's close, Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd, a small cap company, achieved a market cap of ₹306.00 Cr.

2 min read21 Apr 2023

Is ChatGPT the future? | Mint Explains | Mint

According to an article by Forbes, by the year 2035, humanoid robots will be a part of everyday life. People have already started debating if robots and AI will become so powerful that they will be more capable than humans

7 Feb 2023
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ARTPARK plans India’s first autonomous vehicle test track

The track is expected to be completed by next March, said Umakant Soni, chief executive of the not-for-profit AI and Robotics Technology Park (ARTPARK)

3 min read19 Aug 2021

Factories banking on digital push to get over covid blues

Integration of robotics, AI, cloud computing and big data key for transforming biz: experts

2 min read2 Oct 2020

Hospitals turn to robots to clear backlog of elective surgeries amid covid-19

Fear of crowded spaces and the higher risk of infection due to prolonged stays in hospitals is making patients seek out robotic surgeries.Robotic assisted surgeries is also less painful and causes less blood loss, compared to traditional surgeries.

2 min read12 Sep 2020

Why job-stealing robots should be taxed

Taxing robot purchases can help redistribute income towards those workers who will be hit the most by automation, a study suggests

1 min read8 Sep 2020

Robots running the industrial world are open to cyber attacks

According to a new report entitled 'Rogue Automation,' some robots have flaws that could make them vulnerable to advanced hackers, who could steal data or alter a robot’s movements remotely

3 min read4 Aug 2020
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