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Sudipto Mondal (centre) says there isn’t a single example of Dalit-Ambedkarites picking up arms to fight caste, setting up ambushes, launching fidayeen attacks, packing bombs into suitcases. There are many Dalits in the Maoist ranks but they slave for somebody else’s dream. Photo: Jithendra M./Mint
Hyderabad university students demanding justice for Rohith Vemula. Photo: PTI

Students of the year

3 min read . 30 Dec 2016
Founder Martin Macwan Navsarjan started Trust in 1989 after four of his colleagues were shot dead in Golana village in caste-based violence. Photo: AFP

NGOs aren’t really the problem

4 min read . 29 Dec 2016
A file photo of a Dalit protest in Ahmedabad following the incident of violence against the community in Una. Photo: HT

Why is Dalit politics on the boil?

4 min read . 23 Jun 2018
Will you still listen to me if I have nothing to say? Photo: Natasha Badhwar<br />

Things I never write about

4 min read . 15 Jul 2016
A file photo of a protest over the suicide of PhD scholar Rohith Vemula. Photo: Hindustan Times<br />

NDA rule: the major controversies

1 min read . 23 May 2016
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