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Illustration: Jayachandran/Mint
Jahnvi Lakĥóta Nandan at the Good Earth store in Raghuvanshi Mills, Mumbai. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint

Objects of affection

4 min read . 24 Nov 2017
The idea stayed with Kapoor, even as she considered the historical circumstances that led to the marginalization of the Muslim nobility in independent India.

The ‘nawab’ rises

3 min read . 03 Mar 2017
The illustrations are competent and the text is pared down<br />

Of heroes and hero worship

2 min read . 06 Jan 2014
Women of Vision—Nine Leaders in Conversation With Alam Srinivas:<br /><br /> By Alam Srinivas, <br />Roli Books, <br />110 pages, ₹ 140<br />

Book Extract | Women of Vision

4 min read . 17 Feb 2013
Dining With The Maharajas was released earlier in December. <br /> (Dining With The Maharajas was released earlier in December. )

Dining With The Maharajas

4 min read . 28 Dec 2012
<br />Breaking the silence: Two stills (below) from a flip book in Bani Abidi’s The Speech Writer showing Jasbir Malik in the role of the speech writer. <br />

Put your ears to the page

3 min read . 17 Feb 2012
<br />5000 Years of Indian Art: By Sushma K. Bahl, Roli Books Lustre Press, 240 pages, ₹ 3,975.<br />

Time travel

2 min read . 02 Jan 2012
<br />Gourmet Journeys in India is priced at ₹ 695<br />

Culinary travels

3 min read . 30 Nov 2011
<br />Storytellers: (from left) Samit Basu, Giti Chandra, Siddhartha Sarma and Tushar Raheja. Location courtesy The Book Shop, Delhi; Priyanka Parashar/Mint<br />

The late bloomers

5 min read . 19 Jun 2010
<br />Show and tell: Ad man Swapan Seth (right) presenting at the PechaKucha event in Delhi in December. Laxman Anand / Mint<br />

The KISS principle

4 min read . 18 Jan 2010
<br />Bombay Then, Mumbai Now: Text by Jim Masselos and Naresh Fernandes, photo research and editing by Pramod Kapoor and Chirodeep Chaudhuri, Roli Books, Rs2,975. <br />

Maximum City: Then and Now

1 min read . 04 Dec 2009
<br />Photograph: Jeremie Garric<br />

Review | CMYK, New Delhi

1 min read . 26 Sep 2009
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