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Budget 2019

Govt schemes aren’t the real solution to the job creation issue

With returns falling steadily in recent years, those working in India’s fields are desperately searching for non-farm jobsIn 2017-18, about 78% of all construction workers in rural areas were deployed in government programmes

2 min read3 Jul 2019

Welfare scheme delivery: How does your district fare

Explore how well five flagship welfare schemes have been delivered in your district over the last five years

1 min read22 May 2019

Govt allocates additional ₹6084 crores for rural employment programme

According to a government statement issued on Tuesday, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme or MGNREGS as it is known, had provided nearly 235 crore person days each year in the last three years.

1 min read16 Jan 2019

Basic income may be better than MGNREGA

Once the negative welfare from work is accounted for, then a basic income guarantee (untargeted cash transfers) would be the better policy option than MGNREGA

1 min read21 Sep 2018

CMs’ panel explores ways to use rural jobs scheme to cut cultivation costs

A panel of CMs, which met in the capital on Thursday, explores ways of using the MGNREG scheme to cut farming costs and improving efficiency in agriculture

1 min read12 Jul 2018

Water conservation under MGNREGS benefitted over 140 lakh hectares farm land: govt

About 150,000 farm ponds were constructed under the rural job guarantee scheme to ensure storage of rain water and improved irrigation in rural India, says the government

1 min read7 Jun 2018

Rural wage growth lowest in 3 years

There isn’t any big base effect at work here, so the fall in wage growth is the result either of less demand for rural labour or more supply. Either way, it points to rural distress

2 min read21 May 2018

Record government expenditure on MGNREGS underlines rural distress

The government expenditure on MGNREGS in 2017-18 was nearly Rs25,000 crore more than what was spent in 2013-14

2 min read3 Apr 2018

MGNREGA needs a push in Maharashtra

The scheme can aid drought mitigation, but the metrics in the state show that the government has failed to fully utilize it

4 min read25 Dec 2017

The rural economy is not just about farming

More than half of Indian industrial production comes from the rural areas

4 min read24 Nov 2017
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