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What EU sanctions on Russian LNG would mean for global gas

Europe and allies plan to ban use of EU ports for re-exporting Russian LNG, potentially angering key buyers like China and India. The move aims to cut off Novatek’s access to EU stopovers, complicating shipping logistics and raising costs for Russian LNG exports to Asia.

4 min read14 May 2024

Ukraine targets Russian oil refinery in drone attack, disrupts electricity supplies

Ukraine sent drones to attack Russia, causing a fire at an oil refinery. Russia claimed it disrupted electricity near the border targeting Moscow on the final day of the presidential election.

1 min read18 Mar 2024

Ukraine Enters New Phase of War With Russia: Dig, Dig, Dig

Russia is attacking Ukrainian forces at several points along the front line as it seeks to capitalize on its recent capture of the eastern city of Avdiivka.

6 min read7 Mar 2024

Ukraine’s Other Battle for Survival: Keeping Companies in Business

Alongside the war to eject Russian troops, a quieter battle for national survival is raging: Ukraine’s fight to prevail in its factories, cities and farms.

6 min read29 Feb 2024

How Russia’s Ukraine invasion is triggering a semiconductor crisis

Currently, Russia is one of the largest producers of — Palladium — which is essential for memory and sensor chips along with several other rare-earth metals. ;

6 min read7 Mar 2022

Oil reaches $110 a barrel but no rise in India for 120 days. Get ready for a shock on March 10

Domestic fuel prices - which are directly linked to international oil prices - have not been revised for a record 120 days.

4 min read2 Mar 2022

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