Sakshi gallery

The artist at her 60th birthday exhibition. Photo: Rekha Rodwittiya and Sakshi Gallery

Rodwittiya’s female gaze

1 min read . 09 Nov 2018
The exhibition brings together cartoons from Morparia’s ‘Cornered’ section in ‘Mumbai Mirror’. Courtesy Sakshi Gallery

Doodling for a cause

4 min read . 25 Aug 2017
Veer Munshi (left) and Amit Mehra at their photo show on Kashmir’s past and present, at Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint<br />

The silence of images

4 min read . 26 Sep 2015
Works at Sakshi Salon, at Gauri Khan’s design studio. Photo: Nayan Shah/Mint<br />

So Lounge: Sakshi Salon

1 min read . 25 May 2015
<br />Intriguing: (top) Long March to Java by Jompet Kuswidananto; and Rye ka Pahad by Akshay Rathore. <br />

You can&#8217;t hang this

3 min read . 12 Nov 2010
<br />The new Chelsea: (clockwise from top) The entrance to Art Musings; the terrace at The Viewing Room; and a group show at Sakshi Gallery. <br />

The Colaba art tour

4 min read . 03 May 2008