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Packed roads in Kampala, Uganda. Photo: iStock<br />

Yellow fever bird

4 min read . 23 Sep 2016
Photo: AFP<br />

A Library controversy

4 min read . 24 Mar 2016
A street in Bogotá. Photographs from iStockphoto<br />

Songs of the Open Road

7 min read . 19 Dec 2015
Next year holds the promise of a best-seller. Photo: Sam Panthaky/AFP<br />

Salil Tripathi | Reimagining India

9 min read . 29 Dec 2013
An ‘X’ used to mark the spot where the first bullet hit president John F. Kennedy. Photo: LM Otero/AP<br />

Death in the afternoon

4 min read . 23 Nov 2013
Visitors look at the mihrab in the mosque-cathedral in Córdoba, Spain; and a street in Córdoba. Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images<br />

A church is a mosque is a church

4 min read . 26 Oct 2013
A painter, inspired by street graffiti, uses the same style for the heads in his work<br />
One of Sweden’s many lakes. Photographs by Salil Tripathi <br />

A Swedish summer

3 min read . 24 Aug 2013
Edward Snowden is seeking safety in Russia, a country which has shown only contempt for the values that he claims he upholds. Photo: The Guardian<br /> (The Guardian)

Snowden’s curious journey

4 min read . 17 Jul 2013
A file photo of a gay parade in New Delhi. The battle for the acceptance of gay rights in India is a long one; it is time for India to leave the prejudice in the 19th century where it belongs, and join the 21st. Photo: Mint<br /> (Mint)

Long battle for gay rights

4 min read . 03 Jul 2013
The District Six Museum. Photo: Michael Moors<br />

District Six Museum | Homeward bound

4 min read . 29 Jun 2013
Photo: Jagadeesh Nv/Reuters<br />

You can blame it on the coffee

5 min read . 01 Jun 2013
A file photo of Justice J.S. Verma. Photo: Mint<br /> (Mint)

A judge’s charter for women

4 min read . 24 Apr 2013
The Padma river. Photo: Joiseyshowaa/Wikimedia Commons<br />

Waiting for the golden boat

4 min read . 06 Apr 2013
Winter storm Nemo covered New York City with 10-20cm of snow. Photo: Mehdi Taamallah/AFP <br />

The lull after the storm

4 min read . 23 Feb 2013
Gandhi had made Noakhali his home in the turbulent year, 1946, and hoped to bring peace. Photo: Wikimedia Commons<br />

Retracing Gandhi’s footsteps

4 min read . 26 Jan 2013
Being trapped inside an elevator can be a reminder of how little we have moved in our lives. Photo: Thinkstock<br /><br />

Nowhere to go

4 min read . 04 Jan 2013
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