Sangh parivar

File photo. Gujarat, a communally sensitive state, promptly joined the states that banned Padmaavat. Photo: PTI

Open bigotry is a cause of worry

4 min read . 22 Feb 2018
PM Narendra Modi has been giddily globetrotting to attract capital to our shores. As long as communal disturbances don’t become chronic, foreign investors will hardly be concerned—they are bothered only about profits. Photo: PTI<br />

The significance of Hindutva

4 min read . 19 Oct 2015
People familiar with the matter say that the government is trying to find a legal way out of the situation and may not want to re-promulgate the controversial land ordinance and will thus allow it to lapse on 5 April in the wake of stiff opposition by various political parties and activists. Photo: Bloomberg<br />
Much like David Cameron, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has had to contend with loony right fringe within his own party. Photo: Hindustan Times<br />

Government by fiat?

4 min read . 08 Jan 2015