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Philanthropy, sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), fund-raising and fair trade among other socially conscientious words, besides of course a dozen synonyms of instant, pick-me-up digital appeal now make up the vocabulary that even luxury brands must embrace.<br />

Logo to Lockit

3 min read . 05 Feb 2016
Poonam Bir Kasturi (left), founder of Daily Dump, one of the finalists for the SEOY Award this year, with Shraddha Prabhu Kumar, one of the oldest users of the social enterprise’s products. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint<br /><br />

Making profit and doing good

5 min read . 02 Dec 2015
<br /><br />

Lounge Podcast | The power of cloth

1 min read . 23 Nov 2012
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