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Tiktok CEO Grilled Over China Ties By US Senator, Repeats He's Singaporean | Viral Video

During a heated US Senate hearing, Tiktok CEO Shou Zi Chew was grilled by Senator Tom Cotton on his nationality, residency and ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Despite Chew repeating that he's Singaporean, the senator kept grilling him. The context is over allegations that Tiktok is distributing US users' data to the Chinese government. Tiktok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance. Chew was earlier the CFO of ByteDance.

2 Feb 2024

'The world is watching': Senate hearing opens for US Supreme Court pick Barrett

Barrett sat at a table facing the senators wearing a black face mask amid the coronavirus pandemicThose present in the hearing room on Capitol Hill, which will include Barrett and her family, will be socially distanced and follow other guidelines

4 min read12 Oct 2020

US coronavirus update: $2 trillion rescue package passes Senate, heads to House

The measure cleared the Senate by an overwhelming majority and was headed next to the House of Representatives

1 min read26 Mar 2020

US Senate clears proposal to bring India on a par with its Nato allies

The legislative provision in the NDAA provides for increased India-US defence cooperation in the Indian OceanThe development comes amid strains in the India-US trade relationship even as the strategic partnership between the two countries is seen as close

2 min read2 Jul 2019

How partial shutdown of US government could play out

Trump said on Wednesday, on a surprise visit to Iraq, that he could wait to get his wall funded. Asked how long that wait might last, he said, Whatever it takes.

2 min read27 Dec 2018

What next after US govt shutdown on Mexico border wall?

US senators left Washington for the Christmas holiday with no sign of urgency to resolve the fight over Donald Trump's demand for Mexico border wall money

2 min read26 Dec 2018

US Senate votes to end support for Saudi-led Yemen war

US Senate approved a resolution to end US military support for Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen, and held the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman responsible for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

3 min read14 Dec 2018

Asian markets surge after Wall Street cheers midterm elections

Asian stocks rose to a one-month peak on Thursday

2 min read8 Nov 2018

US midterm election results: Setback for Trump as Democrats win House

The outcome of US midterm election will dramatically alter Donald Trump's next two years in office.

7 min read7 Nov 2018

In a relief to India, US Senate passes defence spending bill

Bill seeks to amend law that threatened curbs on countries buying arms from Russia

2 min read2 Aug 2018
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