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Ageing is a complex process and begins even before we are born. Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint<br />

Can we stop ageing and live forever?

6 min read . 26 Jul 2016
Photo: Reuters<br />

A pioneer in tech

1 min read . 23 Mar 2016
Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Alphabet will be a disruption

3 min read . 11 Sep 2015
Sergey Brin also has employed a former Navy Seal for security, a yacht captain, a fitness coordinator, a photographer, and an archivist, according to profiles on LinkedIn. Photo: Reuters<br />
From its unveiling in 2012, Google Glass was considered the Gadget, yearned after by everyone from nerds and chief executives, to chefs and fashionistas. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Why Google Glass broke

6 min read . 10 Feb 2015
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