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Bull market needs fuel by way of equity capital or debt: Shankar Sharma

Sharma observed that the household financial position began deteriorating in the pre-pandemic years and continued to worsen in recent years as well.

2 min read24 May 2024

Shankar Sharma’s general election prediction: If BJP/NDA comes with expected numbers, no major market move/slightly down

Ace investor Shankar Sharma has forecasted that if the incumbent government (BJP) comes back to power for a third term in the ongoing General elections 2024, there will no be major market movement.

2 min read2 May 2024

Shankar Sharma portfolio: Ace investor appears on shareholder list of multibagger AI stock during Q4FY24. Here’s how

Shankar Sharma portfolio: Ace investor’s name has appeared in the shareholding pattern of the AI company for the Q4FY24 period

1 min read24 Apr 2024

Shankar Sharma portfolio: Multibagger telecom stock Valiant Communications turns ₹1 lakh into ₹31 lakh in 4 years

Shankar Sharma portfolio: The multibagger telecom stock Valiant Communications has risen from around ₹15 to ₹463 apiece in post-COVID rebound

2 min read13 Apr 2024

Shankar Sharma picks up stake in multibagger telecom stock

Valiant Communications manufactures communication equipment, primarily for power companies and other utilities, and provides allied services.

4 min read19 Apr 2024

Shankar Sharma portfolio: Ace investor buys stake in this NSE SME stock. Share hits life-time high

Shankar Sharma bought 1,48,800 shares of the NSE SME stock paying ₹151.30 apiece through the bulk deal executed on 1st March 2024

1 min read4 Mar 2024

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