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Internet shutdowns cost India $2.8 billion in 2020

With 8,927 hours of blacked out or curbed bandwidth access, India restricted internet use more than any other nation, as restrictions originally imposed in 2019 continued throughout 2020, according to a report

1 min read5 Jan 2021

Firms say local curbs are affecting gains

Latest shutdowns in states such as UP, Bihar and Maharashtra are likely to disrupt movement of goods and store operationsA lockdown means that warehouses, factories and logistics are getting disrupted again now

2 min read15 Jul 2020

Supreme court does a balancing act with ruling on internet shutdown

In its judgement, SC hasn’t transgressed the powers of the Centre and has tried to balance the need for security with the rights of people

4 min read28 Jan 2020

SC verdict on access to internet seminal, progressive, balanced: Gopal Subramanium

The access to internet being a fundamental right, it is a path-breaking decision as internet is a means of getting informationSC has not transgressed into the powers of government with this judgement, which reflects all the submissions of the govt

5 min read20 Jan 2020

SC draws the red line on internet shutdowns

An order passed under Section 144 should state the material facts so as to enable its judicial review, the SC bench saidIndia, where over 100 internet shutdowns were documented, was the third worst-hit after Iraq and Sudan

3 min read10 Jan 2020

CAA protests: Internet suspended in Lucknow, Ghaziabad and 19 districts in UP today

Earlier, internet service had remained suspended for six days in Lucknow and was restored on Wednesday nightMeanwhile, the frequent internet shutdowns have begun to cause resentment among the people

2 min read27 Dec 2019

Opinion | The Net has spoken

According to the Internet shutdown tracker, a portal which tracks these, the net has been switched off 95 times already this year

1 min read22 Dec 2019

Bharti Airtel looks to phase out 3G network across India by March

The company started the process last month, when it wound down the 3G network in the Kolkata circleAirtel will shut down 6-7 circles by September and the entire pan-India network by March

1 min read2 Aug 2019

Oil gains as West Asian tensions flare, Libya field shut

Prices gain after Iran seizes British tanker; supply outages and cuts also supportiveSluggish oil demand outlook weighs

2 min read22 Jul 2019

Your ATMs won’t shut down, but fee likely to increase

When RBI asked ATMs to follow certain security parameters, it became expensive for banks, as there was no consensus on who would bear the cost – the ATM firms or the banksIf the rates are fully passed on to the consumers, you can expect a 10-15% hike in your ATM transaction fee

2 min read13 Apr 2019
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