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Defunct SVB Financial Group to offload Indian arm to First Citizens Bancshares

Defunct SVB Financial Group to sell Indian subsidiary to First Citizens Bancshares

1 min read21 Mar 2024

Your Bank Doesn't Want You To Know This UGLY TRUTH! | Mint Explains | Mint

The Indian banking sector is facing a crisis, with 13 banks shutting down in recent years. This has raised concerns about the safety of your money. In this video, we will answer: Why Are Banks Suddenly Failing?, Why are banks failing?, U.S. Banks Keep Failing, Why Do Indian Banks Keep Failing?, Why are Indian Banks Failing?, The Secret Money Saving Rule, how to save money in banks, DEPOSIT INSURANCE AND CREDIT GUARANTEE CORPORATION, DICGC Insurance Coverage on Bank Account & Bank Deposit 5 Lakhs, What Is DICGC, Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, Bank Security, Banking. Your money is insured up to ₹5 lakhs per depositor per bank, thanks to the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC). However, it's important to be aware of the types of deposits covered by DICGC and to diversify your deposits across multiple banks to reduce risks. So, choose your bank wisely and stay vigilant! Subscribe to Mint for more informative videos on personal finance and economics!

4 Sep 2023

Is Threads Really A Threat To Twitter? Musk Vs Zuckerburg Wars I Detangled With Mint

With all the hype around Threads, MINT tries to understand whether the platform is actually a threat to twitter? Content moderation and alignment is not an easy game for any social media company including Meta. Experts feel that the game is on with the launch of new platforms like twitter, and this would be interesting space to watch on a daily basis.

19 Jul 2023

Why markets can never be made truly safe | Mint Explains | Mint

In this video, we investigate the history of collateral, its influence on the financial landscape, and recent policy shifts with potentially significant implications.

10 Jul 2023

Indian banks better off than American, European peers | Mint Explains | Mint

In this video, we'll explore the factors that make Indian banks different from their troubled US counterparts and why they may be better positioned to weather the storm.

15 May 2023

Impact of banking crisis on oil & diesel prices in India | Mint Explains

The video highlights the impact of the ongoing banking crisis in the United States on the petrol and diesel prices in India. Despite global oil prices rising due to the crisis, major oil marketing companies in India have not revised their prices for over 15 months, resulting in huge losses for the companies. The recent fall in global fuel prices presents an opportunity for the companies to recover their losses, but they are unlikely to reduce prices anytime soon. It is believed that petrol and diesel prices in India will remain constant for the time being, despite the falling global oil prices.

22 Apr 2023

Is the fall of Silicon Valley Bank real?

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6 Apr 2023

Is the fall of Silicon Valley Bank real? | Mint Explains | Mint

The video delves into the reasons behind the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and how it will affect Indian startups. Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a financial services provider specialized in serving technology startups, has announced a significant loss on its portfolio, causing panic among venture capitalists who instructed portfolio businesses to limit exposure and withdraw their funds from the bank. SVB's clients are mostly US-based startups, with nearly half of all US venture capital-backed startups doing business with the bank. The impact of SVB's troubles on the Indian startup industry is a concern, as many Indian startups raised funds from US investors and used SVB for their services. Despite the concerns about cash flow problems and delays in funding moves, the industry is far from panic mode and has weathered previous crises. It remains to be seen how SVB's troubles will affect the startup world in the long term, but for now, investors and startups are staying alert.

6 Apr 2023

Silicon Valley Bank collapse: A Nightmare for Indian Startup Ecosystem | Mint Explains | Mint

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a major player in lending and financing for technology startups, has sent shockwaves through the Indian startup ecosystem, which heavily relies on foreign investors and venture capitalists for funding. SVB's exposure to 21 Indian startups, likely to be more than $1 billion USD, has left many in limbo, with disruptions and delays in accessing funds potentially compromising their ability to pay vendors, employees, and other stakeholders. The closure of SVB may reduce the availability of financing and banking services for Indian startups, particularly in the technology and life sciences sectors, and make it more difficult for these companies to compete in the global market. While the FDIC insures deposits up to $250,000 per depositor, startups that bank exclusively with SVB may still face difficulties if their working capital requirements exceed that amount. Other banks and financial institutions may provide alternative sources of funding and support, but the Indian startup ecosystem will undoubtedly need to adapt to this new reality.

2 Apr 2023

UBS Rescues Credit Suisse

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28 Mar 2023
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