Silk route

Chinese President Xi Jinping is so caught up in his foreign policy that he has undermined his diplomatic aspirations. Photo: Reuters

China’s imperial overreach

4 min read . 29 May 2017
Countries along the Belt- and-Road route would need to run trade surpluses with China in order to generate the currency needed to repay loans. Photo: Bloomberg

Can China afford its Belt and Road?

4 min read . 18 May 2017
Xi Jinping at the Silk Road summit in Beijing. In an evolving economic, political and security web, India stands to one side, sometimes wooed, often ignored. Photo: Reuters

An evolving multilateral order

4 min read . 15 May 2017
India and China need to support the BCIM project, a 2,800km-long corridor which seeks to revive the southern Silk Route between Assam and Yunnan. Photo: Bloomberg

India and China in a Trexit world

4 min read . 01 Dec 2016
Tuy plov in Bukhara

Chasing the plov in Uzbekistan

4 min read . 29 Nov 2016
Private equity funds, who couldn’t find an exit route from their investments since 2008, are finally getting a chance to sell their holdings, thanks to the surge in the number of IPOs at the stock market. Photo: HT<br />

Surge in IPOs a bonanza for PE funds

6 min read . 02 Nov 2015