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India is sixth largest market in consumption of video ads: Report

The number of smartphone users in India is expected to reach around 700 million by 2023Social media platforms have been launching new features to keep their users engaged.

2 min read18 Feb 2020

Android users should take app permissions more seriously

App permissions allow the app to access hardware and data on your smartphone, which is why you may want to take another look at the permissions you have granted

3 min read27 Mar 2018

Apps to tackle smartphone addiction

If you are checking your smartphone too much, here are some apps which can help curb that habit

2 min read14 Feb 2018

Phone snubbed people at high risk of stress, depression: study

People who are phone snubbed by others face higher levels of stress and depression, and turn to smartphones and social media to find acceptance, says a study

2 min read19 Jun 2017

How you can go Live with YouTube on your phone

YouTube Live allows users with 10,000 subscribers to stream live broadcasts, just like Facebook Live and many others

2 min read8 Feb 2017

How to make internet access safer

Making internet safer requires users to be a bit more vigilant and aware of the threats

2 min read7 Feb 2017

Videocon plans to double revenue from mobile handsets business

In the next few months, Videocon is hoping to sell close to 200,000 units of mobile handsets owing to the festive season

1 min read26 Oct 2016

Reliance Jio: A peep into Mukesh Ambani’s $20 billion start-up

The prospect of Reliance Jio, which has not yet been commercially launched, has raised hopes of cheaper, more reliable data for Indian users

4 min read31 Aug 2016

How India is getting connected

Despite reports suggesting that PCs are dying, 16% of users between the ages of 16 and 64 still own a PC or a laptop, says a report by We Are Social

1 min read22 Jun 2016

Line, Kakao Talk more popular than Facebook, Twitter in South Korea, Japan

Youngsters from South Korea and Japan prefer home grown messenger services as they allow users to order cabs, transfer money, and even search for jobs through their messenger app

3 min read6 Apr 2016
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