South China Sea Dispute News


Japan conducts first submarine drill in disputed South China Sea

The anti-submarine drill was conducted in the South China Sea to 'improve strategic techniques'

1 min read17 Sep 2018

US to keep confronting Beijing in South China Sea, says Jim Mattis

US defence secretary Jim Mattis's remarks came after China voiced 'strong dissatisfaction' Sunday after two US warships sailed by an island in the disputed Paracel Island chain

1 min read30 May 2018

US warns China of ‘consequences’ of military buildup in South China Sea

China on Thursday defended the deployment of anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missile systems in the disputed waters, saying it has indisputable sovereignty over the area

2 min read4 May 2018

South China Sea: China challenged Australian warships, says report

The Australian navy ships Anzac, Toowoomba and Success are on a three-month deployment in South East Asia, which will involve exercises with a number of countries in the region

1 min read20 Apr 2018

India, Asean to boost ties to mark 25 years of collaboration

Plans to consolidate India-Asean ties come as China stakes its claims to larger sections of the South China Sea bringing it in dispute with many South-East Asian nations

2 min read11 Jan 2018

China develops underwater surveillance networks in Indian Ocean, South China Sea

As the battle for the oceans hots up, tools such as the underwater surveillance network could be the difference between winning and losing, says a report in South China Morning Post

3 min read1 Jan 2018

Chinese cyber spies broaden attacks in Vietnam, says security firm

Cyber spies working for or on behalf of China broaden attacks against official and corporate targets in Vietnam as tensions run high over South China Sea, says security firm FireEye

2 min read31 Aug 2017

Sea dispute, North Korea, Muslim militants to top agenda at Asean meetings

Issues related to North Korea's missile tests and South China Sea disputes will grab the spotlight during the Asean summit starting in Manila tomorrow

4 min read4 Aug 2017

A superpower with an inferiority complex

In its dealings with neighbours, China is acting exactly like the imperial powers it once scorned

4 min read13 Jul 2017

South China Sea: Chinese experts hopeful of breakthrough in drilling mission

With the help of the US' JOIDES Resolution, scientists have logged 3 sites at some 2,000 meters deep and completed a 4-month research mission in the South China Sea

1 min read14 Jun 2017
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