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Special Made-In-India Spacewatches Or Time-Tested Swiss Ones: What Will Gaganyaan Astronauts Wear?

Which watch will our Gaganyaan astronauts wear? Watches that have conquered extremes have always attracted great curiosity. The first watch that was worn in space by Yuri Gagarin, was made in Russia. A watch qualified to be worn in space has to withstand HUGE fluctuations in temperature and pressure. So, will team Gaganyaan wear a special watch, made in India just for them? Or will they go for a time-tested spacewatch? 'Watch' to know more!

4 Apr 2024

Chandrayaan 3 Moon Landing: Paras Defence share price jumps over 17% to hit a fresh 52-week high

Paras Defence share price has surged more than 61% in the last three months and nearly 34% YTD. The stock is up over 28% in the last one year.

1 min read24 Aug 2023

India can have a $40-100 billion space industry by 2040 | Mint Primer | Mint

India could achieve a $40-$100 billion space industry by 2040, driven by increased budget, private sector involvement, and satellite internet growth, Arthur D. Little's report states. The nation's space market currently values at $8 billion with 2% global share. ISRO's recent Chandrayaan-3 launch, global space market projected at $1 trillion by 2040, and space tourism potential contribute. To attain this potential, regulatory clarity, foreign investments, incentives, startups support, partnerships, R&D centers, and skill development are key recommendations.

14 Aug 2023

Chandrayaan-3 Successfully Enters Lunar Orbit; Next Stop Moon | Watch

ISRO today announced that Chandraayn has successfully completed a crucial stage. It has jumped from the Earth's orbit into the moon's. A critical and highly complicated manoeuvre which sounds simple enough in theory took place in the early hours of Tuesday. Once completed the Chandrayaan was propelled towards the Moon using what’s called the slingshot manoeuvre.

1 Aug 2023

Revealed: Why Musk Is Fascinated With X As He Changes Twitter Logo I Details

Elon Musk continues to shock Twitter users. If you thought his Twitter acquisition was out of the blue, this will surprise you further. Now, Musk want doesn’t want the social media platform to be known as Twitter anymore. He wants to call it X. Yes, just the letter of the alphabet. But this is not the first time he has chosen to add X to something. His rocket company is called Space X, and his first startup was called before it merged with Paypal. What's his fascination with the letter? Why is he obsessed with it? Watch the full video to find out.

24 Jul 2023

India is ready for a major bulk-up of its defence armoury | Mint Primer | Mint

India Has The World’s Second-Largest Standing Army, And Is Its Largest Arms Importer. As Per A Recent Report By The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, India Is The World’s Top Importer Of Military Equipment, Accounting For 11% Of Global Weapon Imports. For A Country As Large As India With Vast Land Frontiers And Hostile Neighbours, It Is Critical To Acquire Self-Reliance Without Delay.

10 Jul 2023

How ISRO’s partnership with NASA will boost India’s space industry | Mint Primer| Mint

Mint is an Indian financial daily newspaper published by HT Media. The Mint YT Channel brings you cutting edge analysis of the latest business news and financial news. With in-depth market coverage, explainers and expert opinions, we break down and simplify business news for you.

7 Jul 2023

Buy or sell: Vaishali Parekh recommends three stocks to buy today — June 23

Buy or sell stocks: Vaishali Parekh of Prabhudas Lilladher has recommended three stocks to buy today — Birlasoft, Paras Defence and Mawana Sugars

2 min read23 Jun 2023

PM Modi US visit: Why stock market experts are bullish on drone stocks — explained

PM Modi US visit: Investors are advised to look at listed defense drone manufacturing companies as they might be required to meet the demand emerging in medium to long term, say experts

3 min read22 Jun 2023

What is Elon doing with Twitter | Mint Explains | Mint

Twitter's blue tick verification badge used to be a coveted status symbol on the social media platform. But ever since Elon Musk took over as the Chief Twit, things have gone haywire. In this video, we'll explore how Musk's decision to monetize the blue tick led to confusion, chaos, and controversy. You'll learn about: - The origin and evolution of Twitter's verification system - The features and benefits of Twitter Blue, the subscription plan that lets anyone get a blue tick - The problems and pitfalls of Twitter Blue, such as impersonator accounts, legacy verifications, and false claims - The mysterious exceptions and reversals that Musk made for some accounts - The impact of Musk's takeover on Twitter's users, advertisers, and competitors If you're curious about how Elon Musk changed Twitter forever, watch this video till the end. And don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more videos like this!

12 Jun 2023
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