Like Meg Ryan in the 1998 film ‘You’ve Got Mail’, the columnist’s romance too bloomed over emails.

We got mail: My 1990s’ romance

4 min read . 05 Jun 2017
A woman walks past graffiti against rape written on a wall in New Delhi on in April 2013. Photo: AFP

Overpower society’s Satanic foibles

4 min read . 31 Oct 2016
Never disclose your Internet banking password or personal identification number (PIN) to anyone. In case anyone calls you for details such as the password or PIN, know that it is a fraudster.  Photo: Getty Images<br />

De-jargoned: What is SIM swap fraud?

1 min read . 17 Jul 2015
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Stalked, by a start-up

3 min read . 31 Jul 2015
Photo: Hindustan Times<br />

Society and shame

1 min read . 28 Aug 2014
Last week, two independent media websites released audio tapes that purportedly show Amit Shah (pictured), the BJP national general secretary and a top aide of Narendra Modi, directing the illegal surveillance of a young woman in August-September 2009. Photo: PTI<br />

The Gujarat model of stalking

7 min read . 22 Nov 2013
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