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First Asian brand to make safe skin care products | Startup Buzz

I have often heard parents worried about using baby products that are toxins free. The craze for these organic products is palpable simply because they mean no harm to our skin, hair, gut, and ourselves in general. This common problem associated with Indian parenting has been addressed through Mamaearth’s innovative product line. Today, in Startup Buzz, I am going to talk about one such fastest-growing brand that has reached the 100 cr club

21 Jan 2023

NestAbide: These Kerala entrepreneurs are building flood-resistant houses

NestAbide is a start-up from Kerala Co-founded by Er. Nanma Gireesh and Er. Ben K George, the firm got its due recognition after recently getting featured in the prestigious, “The Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List 2022.”

2 min read6 Jun 2022

Cloud certification and skilling startup QwikSkills has raised ₹3.85 crore in seed-funding

Cloud certification and skilling startup QwikSkills has raised ₹3.85 crore in a seed-funding round led by Indian Angel Network (IAN) along with other investors.

1 min read19 May 2022

Moving towards gender parity in business and finance

In this current dispatch of Mint Startup Diaries, Shivani Bhasin Sachdeva, CEO & Founder: India Alternatives Investment Advisors, Alka Goel, Founding Partner: Alkemi Growth Capital and Kausambi Manjita, CEO & Co-founder: Mason elaborate on covert and over biases, changing the ratio, empowering women, creating role models for women investors and leaders and more

9 Mar 2022

BharatPe's Suhail Sameer on Building A Digital-First DNA in FinTech

In the latest dispatch of ‘Meet The Unicorns’, Shrija Agrawal speaks with BharatPe's CEO Suhail Sameer to learn more about its journey, its watershed moment in the wake of mass digitization, what's next for the company, whether frugality is still a virtue for startups, the structural shift for consumers, the potential of Blockchain and more. Watch the full interview for more

27 Jan 2022

Apna's Nirmit Parikh on Jobs For Tomorrow's India

In this dispatch of ‘Meet The Unicorns’, we speak with Apna's Founder and CEO Nirmit Parikh to learn more about the journey, how it grew to be one of the fastest-growing unicorns in India, its moats, the difficulty in replicating a network business, its monetization plans, why he likes to solve problems, moving from the theoretical to the practical and more. Watch the video to know more.

27 Jan 2022

2021: Year of startups

2021 has been a defining milestone for India's startup ecosystem. With nearly 60,000 startups, approximately 14 million retail investors, over 250 incubators and 41 unicorns, as of December 2021, there may be a massive opportunity to build global enterprises within the shape of sensible and emerging tech that could power innovation and social progress. With so much happening in 2021, to whom does this year belong? Technology? Digitization? Liquidity? The Indian consumers?In this brand new episode of Mint's Startup Diaries, catch these industry experts exploring and analyzing the trends of 2021 and why it was a watershed period for startups

31 Dec 2021

How capital 'foie gras' is killing venture capital

There's a newly coined term making the rounds in the venture capital ecosystem and that term is 'capital foie gras'. Now, foie gras is made when geese and ducks are force-fed until they can't take any more and similarly, in the world of finance, when a company is fed too much or injected with too much capital, it ends up suffocating itself.In the latest dispatch of Mint Startup Diaries, Shrija Agrawal converses with Ashish Sharma of Innoven Capital, Anand Prasanna of Iron Pillar and Parag Dhol of Inventus Capital to understand what happens when the rubber hits the road. Watch the video to know more.

26 May 2021

#Mint Startup Diaries: It's a perfect storm for agri-tech startups, say experts

The backbone of the Indian Economy, the Agricultural sector, a sector which has not necessarily got so much investors love in the past, seems to be catching up fast due to its unprecedented growth amid the COVID-19 crisis. Innovative Indian Agri-tech start-ups are joining the game and providing balance to the agricultural ecosystem by maximizing productivity, increasing supply chain efficiency and, and improving market linkage. Initiatives like ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, digital access to farmers, overarching reforms, and government support has empowered the farmer by giving him access to information, inputs, and financial support. Estimates for June quarter reported a contraction of 23.9 per cent in national GDP, but agriculture was the only sector to have reported positive growth. In this dispatch of Mint startup diaries we do a deep decode on opportunities, challenges and new frontiers emerging in the agri space. Watch the video for more.

11 Oct 2020

'Fair grounds' business has never been fair in the startup ecosystem

In the largest sweep against the Chinese technology companies, India recently banned 59 Chinese apps, including the popular short video platform TikTok. The unprecedented ban is clearly one of the biggest stories in the startup ecosytsem- one which will have a significant impact. Overall, the move is being seen as a positive one with Indian startups being net beneficiaries as it opens up huge opportunities. On the other hand, there is also increasing commentary on whether this marks the beginning of an Indian firewall and that competition should be built on fair grounds. We decode such dynamics and deep dive more with Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava, Chairman Emeritus TiE Delhi- NCR and Blaise Fernandes, Director, Gateway House. Watch the interview to know more

13 Jul 2020
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