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Juspay-backed Namma Yatri eyes small towns following fundraise

The mobility company, which charges drivers a subscription fee rather than a commission on each trip, will look to strengthen its presence in tier-2 and tier-3 towns in the next new months, chief growth officer Shan MS said.

3 min read10:14 AM IST

Tech blooms in Indian annadatas’ fields: Agri-startups sow seeds for sustainable farming revolution

India’s agri startups are revolutionizing agriculture with advanced technology and sustainable practices. The government’s support and favourable business climate have led to significant startup growth, with a rise in budget allocation for agriculture.

3 min read25 May 2024

Mokobara to Tego Fit, VC funds gun for India’s creamy layer

Consumer brands are choosing to go premium to achieve scale quickly and VCs are riding the luxury wave

5 min read20 May 2024

RTP Global’s 2024 plan offers another hint of a thaw in startup funding winter

The VC firm, which has backed startups such as Cred, Rebel Foods and MPL, expects to increase the pace of its early-stage investments this year, according to its Asia partner Nishit Garg. There have already been 122 early-stage deals worth $1.05 billion in India’s startup ecosystem so far in 2024.

5 min read17 May 2024

Red.Health secures $20 million in Series B

In January 2022, the startup had raised about $20 million in Series A, which was then termed the largest Series A funding raised in the healthcare sector.

1 min read15 May 2024

Altigreen chugs towards profitability following December restructuring

Reliance-backed Altigreen has streamlined operations, is cutting costs and launching new products.

5 min read13 May 2024

Fintech unicorn Zeta launches UPI-linked credit-as-a-service for banks

The software company’s new product comes after the Reserve Bank rolled out the credit lines on UPI scheme in September

1 min read10 May 2024

Can you invest in startups using a demat account? MintGenie answers

Investing in startups/unlisted shares poses high risks due to limited regulation and oversight. Options include direct investment, purchasing pre-IPO shares, acquiring ESOPs, or investing in professionally managed portfolios for diversification and insight into firms.

4 min read9 May 2024

’Low financial literacy, informal borrowing’ Fempreneurs face age-old challenges. How fintechs are lending help?

Women entrepreneurs face challenges like lack of awareness about government financial schemes, dependency on family credits, and informal borrowing. Only 52% have access to financial credit.

2 min read7 May 2024

Startups turned to venture debt amid funding winter. Now they’re facing the heat

Several startups that turned to venture debt to ease their liquidity concerns until their next fundraising are now seeking extensions for repaying those loans

4 min read4 May 2024
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