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Stressed? Time to slime-pop

Stressed? Time to slime-pop

1 min read . 22 Dec 2018
The Moving Shadow: Electrifying Bengali Pulp Fiction Selected & Translated by Arunava Sinha, Aleph Book Company,  248 pages; ₹499.

Tall tales from Bengal

2 min read . 14 Dec 2018
Princess Sophia selling Suffragette newspaper subscriptions. London, 1913. Photo: Alamy

The superwomen chronicles

1 min read . 05 Oct 2018
Yazdani is housed in a building which used to be a Japanese bank. Photo: Nayan Shah/Mint

The bread that makes Mumbai rise

9 min read . 14 Sep 2018
We need empathy and openness to connect to the stories of victims beyond the tragedy that has befallen them. Photo: Natasha Badhwar
Apte’s character, Kalindi, articulates her scattered thoughts through monologues in ‘Lust Stories’.

Love, sex and Radhika Apte

4 min read . 25 Aug 2018
The metaphors in Uttamchandani’s photo-book are loaded with meaning.

Opinion | The sacred in the ordinary

5 min read . 03 Aug 2018
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