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A student visa is a special approval added to a government passport issued to students enrolled in qualified educational institutions. Student visas are non-immigrant visas that do not necessitate obtaining citizenship. Any prospective student wishing to pursue higher education in another country must first obtain a student visa from that country.


UConn's Aaliyah Edwards signs NIL deal in Canada, but can't talk about it in the US

UConn's Aaliyah Edwards signs NIL deal in Canada, but can't talk about it in the US

3 min read28 Feb 2024

Australian international student visa scam: Govt says ‘will strengthen regulations’. All you need to know

Australian government to crack down international student visa scams, take strict measures.

1 min read3 Oct 2023

Number of Indian students in US rose in 2022, those from China declined: Report

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in its annual report mentioned that India sent 64,300 students to America in 2022 while China's number shrunk to 24,796

1 min read2 May 2023

India tops China as recipient of US student visas

The US issued a record 82,000 visas to Indian students in the months of June, July and August this year compared to 62,000 visas issued during the same period last year

1 min read15 Nov 2022

Visa delay concerns: Jaishankar asks New Zealand to be ‘fairer’

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar raises visa issue with New Zealand counterpart Nanaia Mahuta

1 min read6 Oct 2022

US student visa application to get easier in 2023: Embassy explains how

By the next summer, we're going to be much closer to 100% staffing, the official saidWe think that they will get the appointment at the consul, nearest to their home, he added

2 min read14 Sep 2022

Upto 15% Indian student visa applications have fake documents: German Ambassador

Around 15% of Indian student visa applications consist of fake documents, said German Ambassador Philipp Ackerman, adding that currently, there are 30,000 Indian students in Germany.

1 min read4 Sep 2022

Canada student visa does not allow you to start classes: What you need to do

Did you know that a Canadian student visa only allows you to enter the country? Read below to know

2 min read16 Aug 2022

Chinese student visas to US tumble from prepandemic levels

Global competition and strained political ties lead to a drop that hits revenue at big and small colleges and universities

4 min read11 Aug 2022

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