Arun Kumar H.G.’s installation, ‘8 Feet X 8 Feet’ is suffused with loss and, more affectingly, with a forlorn hope<br />

Homing | There’s no place like home

3 min read . 21 Feb 2014
She was 83, having spent much of her adult life at the crest of Bengali cinema as its leading lady and the polar opposite of total seclusion. Photo: HT<br />

Suchitra Sen: The reclusive star

5 min read . 17 Jan 2014
Suchitra Gahlot with her latest installation, ‘Shut Up, Internet!’<br />
<br />Dynamic city: Sultan Ahmed Shah founded Ahmedabad in 1411 on the banks of the Sabarmati. Phil Cheatle/<br />

Tides of the Sabarmati

3 min read . 04 Mar 2011
<br />In the passing: Briski with a Sonagachi resident<br />

The show must go on

4 min read . 15 Oct 2009
<br />Burning bright: The cast includes Joy Sengupta (in a blue shirt) and Suchitra Pillai (foreground). <br />

Living on the edge

3 min read . 05 Sep 2009
<br />Dance, dance: In its choreographies, Nritarutya adapts traditional dance forms in a contemporary context.<br />

The motion pictures

3 min read . 29 Dec 2007