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The Town Hall in Shimla, a favourite summer retreat of the British, in 1950. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Summer sojourns under the Raj

4 min read . 18 May 2018
The view from Pagoda Point. Photo: Kalpana Sunder

Chennai to Yercaud: Beating the heat

2 min read . 11 May 2017
There’s nothing more wonderful than a summer vacation with your family. Photo: iStockphoto<br />

How to survive a family holiday

7 min read . 21 Mar 2016
A honeybee on a flower. Photo: Sunita Mohan<br />

How to make a summer sanctuary

4 min read . 18 May 2015
Experts say that given security concerns and the lack of safe open spaces for children, daycare centres and summer camps are here to stay. Photo: Hindustan Times<br />

The age of activity

5 min read . 27 Apr 2015
Summer holidays got a whole new spin when water was added to the mix. Photo: Natasha Badhwar<br />

Who doesn’t like holidays?

4 min read . 05 Jul 2014
The moment when our children step out into the world. Photo: Courtesy Natasha Badhwar<br />

Two alone together

4 min read . 21 Jun 2014
Back to school

Back to school

1 min read . 08 Jul 2011
<br /> Two’s company: Priya and Aishwarya Krishnan will take a Mom ‘n’ Kids trip to Hong Kong. Pradeep Gaur / Mint <br />

Modern times

3 min read . 16 Apr 2010
<br /> The great outdoors: Disha’s parents Anjan and Sagarika Sinha are keen to send her on a ‘safe’ camping trip. Indranil Bhoumik / Mint <br />

Camping out

4 min read . 16 Apr 2010
<br /> Sun-kissed: Splendid Sardinia. Philip &amp; Karen Smith / Lonely Planet <br />

Where&#8217;s our next holiday, dad?

5 min read . 11 Jul 2009
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