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Top 5 investment avenues for new investors this year

As we step into 2024, the Indian stock market unfolds a captivating terrain for novice investors, with the mutual fund sector providing a diverse range of prospects for wealth generation.

1 min read15 Feb 2024
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5 reasons to raise your mutual fund SIP every year

In a bullish market where stock prices surge uniformly, it is recommended to increase the SIP inflow to acquire the same quantity of mutual fund units that could be purchased with a lower amount.

1 min read25 Jan 2024

Weekend Wrap: From Hero MotoCorp to IRCTC, here are top market movers this week

Unveiling the week’s highlights: Top newsmakers and market performances in the recap ending January 12, 2024.

1 min read14 Jan 2024
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Mutual fund SIP accounts hit 7.63 crore in December: Why are investors rushing to invest in them?

The total number of SIP accounts touched 7.63 crore in December 2023, out of which, 40.3 lakh were added in one month alone. It was for the first time that 40 lakh new SIP accounts were added in a month.

2 min read12 Jan 2024
Mutual Funds

Record high! Mutual fund AUM cross ₹50 lakh crore milestone, reveals AMFI data

While it took almost 50 years for the mutual fund industry to build the first ₹10 lakh crore of AUM, the last ₹10 lakh crore, from ₹40 lakh crore to ₹50 lakh crore, was amassed in just a little over a year.

3 min read8 Jan 2024
Mutual Funds

Mutual funds: Total SIP inflows in 2023 hit ₹1.83 lakh crore, up 23% over previous year

Most of the mutual fund inflows were seen in equity funds. With ₹16,997 crore added to equity mutual funds in December, total inflows into equity schemes touched a whopping ₹1,61,573 crore during the calendar year 2023.

1 min read8 Jan 2024

Mutual Funds: SIP inflows rising consistently; is this trend sustainable?

During the period April-November 2023, SIP contributions stood at ₹1,24,313 crore, almost 24 percent higher as compared to ₹1,00,581 crore recorded during April-November 2022 period.

4 min read29 Dec 2023
Mutual Funds

From defining goals to assessing risk appetite, 5 key considerations for SIP investments

Factors to consider before investing in SIPs include defining financial goals, assessing risk appetite and diversifying the SIP portfolio.

3 min read21 Nov 2023
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Everything you should know about PMS & AIF investments

You should veer towards PMS and AIF if you are looking to expand your portfolio and earn high returns, in the face of a riskier scenario. Additionally, given the comparatively non-liquid nature of these investments, consider PMS and AIF investments only if you have a medium to long term time horizon

3 min read6 Nov 2023

How Navi Mutual Fund forces its users to share their contact lists

It bars users from logging in to the app until they give permissions to access their phone book and other details.

6 min read23 Oct 2023
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