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Unlocking tax benefits for NRIs

Lower or nil TDS certificates help NRIs sell immovable property in India while allowing them to reduce or eliminate the TDS deduction on the sale proceeds.

3 min read22 Apr 2024

Buy phone, car through flexi benefits plan route for extra saving

Flexible Benefits Plan (FBP), though, is available only under the old tax regime, which allows an individual to claim deductions and exemptions under various sections of the income tax Act.

5 min read22 Apr 2024

Tax evasion vs tax avoidance: How are the two different?

Tax avoidance is entirely legal and entails leveraging loopholes, deductions, exemptions, and credits permitted by the tax code to reduce your tax obligation. Conversely, tax evasion is unlawful, involving intentional deception of tax authorities to evade paying owed taxes.

3 min read31 Mar 2024

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The Union Budget contains details about the estimated receipts and the expenditure of the government for a particular fiscal year. The Budget is allotted for the upcoming fiscal year, which runs from 1st April to 31st March of the next year. Here is a quick guide on how the Union Budget is prepared

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