Jeet Thayil’s ‘The Book Of Chocolate Saints’ is a multilayered work, designed, constructed and rendered with astounding skill and craft. Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint

Poets in their time

7 min read . 15 Nov 2017
Of the thousands of tales on tweet that Manoj Pandey has collected, he’s now selected 50 for a chapbook published by Harper Collins, each accompanied by an illustration by Japanese artist Yuko Shimizu. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

A new book of Twitter fiction

2 min read . 24 Aug 2016
Illustration: Jayachandran/Mint<br />

In the presence of ‘high’ art

8 min read . 03 May 2016
A file photo of Jeet Thayil (centre), winner of DSC South Asian Literature 2013 with the trophy at the Jaipur Literature Festival. Photo: M Zhazo/Hindustan Times<br />

Home and beyond

2 min read . 21 Oct 2013
Delhi’s eclectic Peter Cat Recording Co. Photo: Peyush Baranwal<br />

25 ways to love Indie music

1 min read . 25 May 2013
The Neemrana Music Foundation’s ‘If I Were King’, staged in Delhi in January 2010<br />

Trend Tracker | A higher scale

6 min read . 16 Mar 2013
Thayil at Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi. Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint<br />

Jeet Thayil, author

2 min read . 28 Dec 2012
Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, 38, says as far as possible, he wants to play lead roles from now on. Photo: Manoj Patil/Mint<br />

Issue intro: The highs of 2012

1 min read . 28 Dec 2012
H. M. Naqvi, who won the first DSC South Asian Literarature award, is greeted by a friend at Jaipur literature Festival. Photo: Himanshu Vyas/Hindustan Times<br />

DSC Prize 2013 shortlist announced

2 min read . 21 Nov 2012
Man Booker prize shortlisted authors .Photo: Reuters<br /> (Reuters)

Jeet Thayil in Man Booker prize race

2 min read . 16 Oct 2012
Jeet Thayil at his home in Defence Colony, New Delhi. Photo: Divya Babu/Mint<br />

Judgement day

3 min read . 15 Sep 2012
<br /><br />

Babur exiled

3 min read . 14 Aug 2012