The Lounge 2018 Year End Special News


The year of tinkering with genes

A Chinese scientist's claims of creating genetically edited babies brought ethical and safety concerns around gene-editing back in the spotlight this year

6 min read30 Dec 2018

The year the tigress died

Even as the number of tiger deaths in the wild declined in 2018, the killing of an alleged man-eater by a sharpshooter continues to raise questions about the state of wildlife conservation in India

9 min read30 Dec 2018

Lounge Original: ‘Baghbana Dev’ by Pardhan-Gond artist Venkat Raman Singh Shyam

As conservationists grapple with the killing of the allegedly man-eating tigress Avni, this finely-detailed painting serves as an ode to the tiger, a protective figure that is worshipped by the Pardhan-Gond community in Madhya Pradesh

1 min read30 Dec 2018

Lounge Original: Paradise Tomorrow by Manjula Padmanabhan

Menem had only managed two successful couplings in four years of constant travelling. He wished it wasn't so fiendishly complicated. He just wanted to get away. At the same time, he was curious about her technique. If it was reasonably effective, he could overpower her, take it away and use it on others.

10 min read4 Jan 2019

The Lounge fact/fiction year-end special

Fact or fiction? The Lounge year-end special looks at 2018 through nine essays as well as through the prism of poets, writers, artists and humourists. Choose your perspective

1 min read29 Dec 2018

Lounge Original: ‘The Colour of Imagination’ by Appupen

2018 was the year when art created by Artificial Intelligence entered the cultural mainstream. For the Lounge year-end special, graphic novelist Appupen depicts a realm where humans and machines co-existand even share jokes

1 min read29 Dec 2018

Lounge Original: How illustrator Pia Alizé Hazarika visualized #MeToo for the Lounge Fiction cover

Monsters under the bed, laptops and swordsillustrator Pia Aliz Hazarika reimagines social media as a battleground for the #MeToo movement for the Fiction cover of the Lounge year end issue

1 min read29 Dec 2018

Lounge Original: ‘A Poem for Jyoti Pandey’ by Akhil Katyal

'A Description of People' ('Ek Samuh Ka Vivaran')a poem in both English and Hindi by Akhil Katyalis dedicated to Jyoti Pandey and the call to collective action that swept through India with her death

1 min read29 Dec 2018

The year of collective action

It was a year people banded together to sound a clarion call for the rights of the individual. #MeToo, farmers' marches, religious reformswhat made 2018 the year of the collective?

9 min read31 Dec 2018

Lounge Original: ‘The Twenty-Sixth Giant’ by Prayaag Akbar

Is my statue bigger than yours? In his piece for the Lounge year-end special, novelist Prayaag Akbar measures the height of statue politics

10 min read29 Dec 2018
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