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UK Seeks Closer Saudi Ties With 450-Strong Delegation

The UK and Saudi Arabia hosted a joint summit in Riyadh on Tuesday, aimed at boosting economic ties between the two countries as negotiations continue over a broader trade deal between Britain and the Gulf states.

2 min read15 May 2024

Pakistan to restore trade ties with India? Foreign Minister says ’most traders want ...’

Pakistan to ’seriously’ consider restoring trade ties with India: Foreign Minister Dar

2 min read25 Mar 2024

UK-India Trade Agreement: British millers fear potential cut on white rice tariff could topple local industry

British rice millers have thrived by importing low-tariff unmilled brown rice from India and polishing the grains into the white product loved by UK consumers. But with India pressing for tariffs on white rice to be slashed, concerns are mounting for an industry that employs more than 3,000 people

5 min read22 Oct 2023

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The Union Budget contains details about the estimated receipts and the expenditure of the government for a particular fiscal year. The Budget is allotted for the upcoming fiscal year, which runs from 1st April to 31st March of the next year. Here is a quick guide on how the Union Budget is prepared

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Tata Steel

Tata Steel shares fell by -2.58% at closing today.

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