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Ghulam Mohammad. Photo: Shoaib Shafi

The mystic bone-setter of Srinagar

4 min read . 12 Sep 2020
The different elements of a ‘wazwan’ spread available on Hamiast.com.

From the vales of Jammu and Kashmir

1 min read . 23 Sep 2018
Dolkar stresses on the essentials—being close to nature, focusing on happiness and living in the now. Photo: Natasha Badhwar

Healing oneself to heal others

6 min read . 13 Jul 2018
Hand-block printing, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Photo: Alamy

Vastrabharana: Old craft, new ways

1 min read . 25 May 2018
‘Krishna With Gopis’, Deccan (gold, silver and stone colour on cloth), size—6x6ft. Photo: Pichvai: Tradition and Beyond

The patron saint of ‘pichvai’

3 min read . 07 Apr 2018
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