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If Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to maintain his momentum, in fighting corruption as much as on the policy front, he must show forward movement. Photo: AFP<br />

Corruption checked?

1 min read . 28 Jan 2016
Since assuming his post, Xi Jinping has rapidly consolidated all of the main levers of power, elbowing aside his prime minister, the ineffectual Li Keqiang. Photo: Reuters<br />
In a country where nearly half the children suffer from malnutrition and over 120 million depend on the state’s mid-day meal scheme for their daily nutritional value, a system that allows food cooked in contaminated oil fed to helpless kids is more lethal than all terrorist threats combined. Unfortunately, this episode in Saran is not a one-off instance. Photo: Reuters<br /> (Reuters)

Canaries in the mines

4 min read . 23 Jul 2013
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