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Stock market today: Crisil to Sanofi India — four dividend-paying stocks to trade ex-dividend today

Stock market today: Dividend-paying stocks Crisil, ABB India, Sanofi India, and Mafia Trneds are trading ex-dividends today

1 min read3 May 2024

India to join global scheme to improve quality of drugs | Mint Primer | Mint

This video explores the reasons behind India’s decision to join PIC/S and its potential impact on the Indian pharmaceutical market. The UAE and other advanced economies often reference prices in developed markets, which pose barriers for affordable Indian drugs, despite their superior quality. Talks are underway to address pricing norms and facilitate Indian generic drug and vaccine exports. The absence of India and China from PIC/S has skewed the price mechanism towards higher prices, hindering Indian exporters of affordable medicines

9 Jun 2023

India’s Evolving Financial Trends | Mint Explains | Mint

The video throws light on the evolution of financial services and trends in India. India is currently experiencing a significant shift in its relationship with money as the population moves towards investing in financial assets such as mutual funds, insurance, and the stock market. This transformation is driven by a rise in per capita income and an improvement in lifestyle, leading to a demand for managed investment solutions with higher post-tax yields. The Covid pandemic has also boosted investor participation in the stock market and insurance, while regulatory bodies have developed a more transparent financial ecosystem. Managed investment solutions are growing faster than bank deposits, and financial assets (other than bank deposits) are expected to reach ₹315 lakh crore in FY27 from the current ₹135 lakh crore, implying a CAGR of 18% in the next five years. With the financial services sector set to reap the benefits from this shift, the S&P BSE Financials ex Bank 30 Index offers investors an opportunity to gain exposure to the financialization of savings.

19 May 2023

Indian Pharma Industry Poised for Growth in 2023 and Beyond | Mint Explains | Mint

Indian pharma in 2023: Industry experts give big thumbs up to the sector. Here’s what they are saying. According to a recent EY FICCI report, the Indian pharmaceutical market is estimated to touch $130 billion in value by the end of 2030.

7 May 2023

Is India’s attention shifting from coronavirus?

Interest for coronavirus lockdown zones in Delhi surged over 1800% in May which covers the third and fourth phase of India’s lockdown to contain the spread of covid-19 in the country

1 min read8 Jun 2020

Opinion | A polar region we must keep on the radar in a multipolar world

Technological and climatic trends could see the Arctic emerge as a hotspot of great power competition in the decades ahead

4 min read31 Aug 2019

Opinion | Taking stock of digital trends

If one were to single out a news item that caught everyone’s attention in June, it was certainly Facebook’s decision to launch its Libra digital currency atop the Libra blockchain

2 min read10 Jul 2019

The march of the moustache

As the nation falls in line with the ‘Abhinandan moustache’, we examine the moustache’s place in the Armed ForcesEvery state, even every district, in India is likely to yield a distinct sociological argument about moustaches

13 min read9 Mar 2019

Welcome to the neon jungle

Highlighter hues are among Spring/Summer 2019’s biggest trends, with designers like Prabal Gurung, Naeem Khan, Marc Jacobs and others incorporating the colours in their designsThe key to wearing neon hues well is to pair them with understated shades, or take the accessories route

2 min read22 Feb 2019

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HDFC Bank shares fell by -0.34% at closing today.

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Shares of ICICI Bank had a drop of -0.45% to Rs. 852.05 at closing today.

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