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Social media mobs don’t have guns. But that raises the question: how to disarm them. Photo: iStock

We live in fear of online mobs

4 min read . 24 Aug 2017
“I’m just glad someone invented emojis. They’re perfect for when you don’t want to respond to feedback with words”, says the author. Photo: iStockphoto

Why I stay away from feedback

4 min read . 02 Mar 2017
Screen shots of Gurmehar Kaur’s ‘Profile For Peace’ video, on India-Pakistan relations, that was uploaded on YouTube last year.

What Gurmehar teaches us all

6 min read . 01 Mar 2017
A still from ‘Trolls’

Film review: Trolls

1 min read . 04 Nov 2016
Social media is now our primary means of communication, and our default response is to share news rather than keep it private.

The evolution of identity

4 min read . 24 Aug 2016
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