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Turtles are smuggled either for food or to be kept as pets.

The long road to field research

3 min read . 21 Apr 2017
File photo. No other living vertebrate has so drastically altered its body to form such an impenetrable protective structure as the turtle, researchers said. Photo: AFP<br />

Why turtles evolved to have shells

1 min read . 18 Jul 2016
A file photo of newly-hatched Olive Ridley turtles at a beach in Odisha. Kartik Shanker’s new book From Soup To Superstar  generates awareness on marine species. Photo: AFP<br />

Book review | From Soup to Superstar

4 min read . 09 May 2016
A barricaded area where the hatchlings are released into the sea. Photo: Bhavani<br />

Weekend vacations: Turtle territory

3 min read . 15 Apr 2016
The leatherback turtle. Photo: Kartik Shanker<br />

Excerpt: Nature Chronicles Of India

7 min read . 13 Dec 2014
<br />Operation clean-up: Learn to manage the cable mess under your desk.<br />

Cut out the cable clutter

3 min read . 08 Mar 2011
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