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US takes aim at Chinese banks aiding Russia war effort

Washington says Beijing’s dual-use trade has helped Moscow rebuild its war machine.

6 min read23 Apr 2024

By aiding Ukraine, Mike Johnson makes America great again

No country on Earth has anywhere near the ability to project power around the world at so little cost.

4 min read22 Apr 2024

Can Europe defend itself without America?

It would need to replace military aid, a nuclear umbrella and leadership

17 min read19 Apr 2024

UK inflation rate falls to 3.2%, the lowest level since late 2021 amid easing food prices

UK inflation rate fell less than expected last month as economists predicted 3.1% inflation rate for the month, AP reported.

1 min read17 Apr 2024

Better to apply soon as…: Expert as higher salary threshold for UK Family Visa comes into force

The UK government has raised the minimum income requirement for sponsoring relatives for a Family Visa, starting at GBP 29,000 and increasing to GBP 38,700 by early 2025, part of efforts to reduce legal migration and ensure newcomers do not burden taxpayers.

1 min read14 Apr 2024

UK scholarships for Indian students: British Council's cheat sheet to top 5 financial aid options

The UK offers scholarships to Indian students through initiatives like GREAT Scholarships, British Council Women in STEM Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships, and Chevening Scholarships. Loans without collateral are also available for students based on academic merit and university reputation.

2 min read14 Apr 2024

Russia switches tactics with attacks on Ukrainian power plants

Moscow is exploiting delays in Western aid to Kyiv, prompting Ukraine to make tough choices regarding what to protect.

5 min read11 Apr 2024

How Ukraine is using AI to fight Russia

From target hunting to catching sanctions-busters, its war is increasingly high-tech

7 min read9 Apr 2024

Joe Biden, Xi Jinping hold ‘candid’ discussion: From Russia-Ukraine war, Taiwan to TikTok divestment push | 5 points

US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a discussion covering various topics, focusing on cooperation and disparities

2 min read3 Apr 2024

Ukrainian village scarred by murder of mayor & her family prepares for long war

Two years after Russian forces fled, Motyzhyn has ousted a Russia-linked priest, has built a bomb shelter for its school and is pulping its Russian-language books.

5 min read1 Apr 2024
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