Understanding Markets: What’s Driving The Forces? News

Understanding Markets: What’s driving the forces?

Why Dalal Street’s one-time darlings are struggling to keep the romance going

HDFC Bank, HUL and Asian Paints have for long been the undisputed leaders of their industries. But the stocks’ recent spell of underperformance has starkly demonstrated the market’s most pervasive disclaimer—past performance is no guarantee of future results. And yes, size does matter.

9 min read18 Mar 2024

Mint Primer: Why you shouldn’t stress out over new mid- and small-cap tests

Days to liquidation range from 12 days for Franklin Smaller Companies Fund to liquidate 50% of the portfolio to 60 days for SBI Small Cap Fund

2 min read18 Mar 2024

ICICI Securities wants to delist. Why are mutual funds buying its shares?

Despite ICICI announcing that it might de-list Securities, why are mutual funds buying this stock?

4 min read17 Mar 2024

A day to forget for small-caps as markets plunge

The Nifty Small Cap 250 and the Nifty Mid-Cap 150 plunged 5.2% and 4.2% respectively, their steepest one-day plunge in over two years

3 min read13 Mar 2024

Excited about Tata Sons’ listing? Temper your expectations

The Street seems to be ignoring the company’s preference to stay as a private company as it had voluntarily converted from a public to a private entity in 2017

2 min read13 Mar 2024

Frothy valuations: Reality check for Indian investors

Investors will closely monitor the timing and the extent of interest rate easing, both in India and globally.

2 min read11 Mar 2024

Markets are lulling themselves into a false sense of security

Stocks’ low volatility may be a misleading result of a boom in autocallables and other structured products.

3 min read7 Mar 2024

Affluent India is fuelling the equities surge. But that story has gaps

Every bull market needs a story. One of the main stories currently being sold is the premiumization of the Indian economy or that consumers are buying more expensive products than in the past. Is that the case?

10 min read18 Feb 2024

What fund managers think of the current PSU rally

Insights from four fund managers on the underlying PSU sector dynamics and trends

4 min read14 Feb 2024

India’s stock market stands apart as an enabler of mass prosperity

The stock market plays a largely under-appreciated role in channelling funds to deserving enterprises that generate jobs at scale and we can expect India’s market to outperform its emerging peers.

4 min read16 Feb 2024
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