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Immigration is a process through which individuals become permanent residents or citizens of another country. A U.S. immigrant is anyone living in the U.S. who is not a U.S. citizen. Some immigrants have documents like green cards, work visas, or other kinds of visas. Other immigrants are ;undocumented. There are four Categories of Immigration Status in the U.S. Citizens- These are people who were either born in the U.S. or who have become “naturalized" after three or five years as permanent residents. These citizens can never be deported unless their citiz

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Biden weighs giving legal status to immigrant spouses of US citizens

Biden administration officials are considering green cards and deportation relief for hundreds thousands of immigrants who are living in the U.S. illegally and are married to U.S. citizens.

5 min read22 Apr 2024

Elon Musk shares clip on illegal immigration, calls it ‘alarming’; nearly 73 lakh have entered USA under Joe Biden

Elon Musk has shared a video where Tucker Carlson highlights the issue of illegal immigration in the US. Under President Biden, a record number of migrants have crossed the U.S. southwest border, surpassing populations of 36 states.

1 min read21 Feb 2024

Immigration Wave Delivers Economic Windfall. But There’s a Catch

Recent migrants are expected to be lower paid and less productive than their predecessors, which could reduce average wages.

5 min read15 Feb 2024

Boneheaded anti-immigration politicians are throttling globalisation

There is something about border crossings that breeds insanity in America’s elected officials

5 min read15 Feb 2024

Masses of Migrants Overwhelm Panama’s Darién Gap

Record numbers of migrants are punching through the remote heart of Emberá-Wounaan jungle territory

6 min read26 Jun 2023

H-1B lottery system has resulted in abuse, fraud, says US immigartion service

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said it has already undertaken extensive fraud investigations, and denied and revoked petitions

2 min read29 Apr 2023

Amid layoffs, USCIS recommends other ways to stay for fired H1B visa workers

The Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies(FIIDS), which has been working for laid-off H-1B visa holders, had recently written to USCIS about the impacts of recent technology sector layoffs and sought an increase to the up to 60-day grace period.

2 min read28 Mar 2023

Amid layoffs, 87% employers currently hiring foreign national employees in the US, survey shows

The survey report also shows that 89 percent of US companies hired one or more foreign national employees who were previously laid off by another company in the last six months.

6 min read10 Mar 2023

US has 1 cr vacancies right now: How immigrants should look for jobs amid big tech layoffs? Expert’s take

There are 10.3 million vacancies, i.e. an astounding 1.7 jobs available for every American worker looking for a job

1 min read7 Dec 2022

US jobs: How skilled H4 visa holders can look for employment? 5 points

If the US does not relax its restrictive H-4 visa policies then they soon might start losing skilled professionals to Canada

1 min read4 Nov 2022
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