US Presidential Election 2020 News

US Presidential Election 2020

Wall Street wants to be sure Biden can keep Warren’s army at bay

Wall Street has made its peace with a Joe Biden victory, taking comfort in his decades-long political career in which moderation is a prevailing trait. But it’s nervous about his more liberal allies.

7 min read7 Nov 2020

Joe Biden: Stumbles, tragedies and, now, delayed triumph

The tribute marked the presumed end of a long public life that put Biden in the orbit of the Oval Office for 45 years — yet, through a combination of family and personal tragedy, his own political missteps and sheer bad timing, had never allowed him to sit behind the Resolute Desk himself

6 min read7 Nov 2020

Biden has plenty of know-how. He’s going to need it

Few presidents arrive at the White House as well qualified by experience and temperament, but the challenges will still be brutal.

4 min read7 Nov 2020

Biden’s election draws curtain on Trump’s tumultuous presidency

Biden managed to pull together a winning electoral coalition to end Trump’s presidencyThe future president has promised to make the pandemic his top priority, with a vast expansion of surveillance testing for the virus

6 min read7 Nov 2020

Biden wins White House, vowing new direction for divided US

His victory came after more than three days of uncertainty as election officials sorted through a surge of mail-in votes that delayed the processing of some ballots. Biden crossed 270 Electoral College votes with a win in Pennsylvania

5 min read7 Nov 2020

Kamala Harris, the first Indian-origin, woman vice president of United States

Harris has been a rising star in Democratic politics for much of the last two decadesBorn to Jamaican father and an Indian mother, Harris is a former attorney general of California

2 min read7 Nov 2020

Markets see the bright side to US election frenzy

Markets can act strangely sometimes. They have surged even when presidential candidate Joe Biden, considered to be less business-friendly, is leading in the US elections. One reason for this could be that investors don’t like uncertainty. Mint explores

2 min read6 Nov 2020

Fading hopes of big US spending pull down yields overseas

Investors had expected improving U.S. activity would lead to better European growth

2 min read6 Nov 2020

Election 2020: Trump’s lawsuits are getting mixed results

President’s campaign suffered legal defeats in Michigan and Georgia but won victories in Pennsylvania, while opening a new front in Nevada

6 min read6 Nov 2020

Fed's Jerome Powell: More stimulus needed to help US economy

Powell steered away from any discussion of politics, saying the economy, not the election, was the focus of the 2-day meeting of the Fed's policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee The recent spike in Covid-19 cases is 'particularly concerning' for the US economy, Powell said

3 min read6 Nov 2020
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