Valentine's day

File photo. Gujarat, a communally sensitive state, promptly joined the states that banned Padmaavat. Photo: PTI

Open bigotry is a cause of worry

4 min read . 22 Feb 2018
A bookish Valentine

A bookish Valentine

2 min read . 14 Feb 2018
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The mathematics of love

7 min read . 18 Feb 2017
Love and longing in Vienna

Love and longing in Vienna

4 min read . 10 Feb 2017
In ‘Masaan’, the male protagonist first sends a friend request on Facebook.

No Tinder on this screen

3 min read . 10 Feb 2017
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Love, sex and drugs

7 min read . 13 Feb 2016
Geet and Randy, who met on Twitter, on their wedding day. Photo: Vijay Kumar<br />
Embarking on relationships involves a kind of mutual disrobing, often in stages, not always equal, and not necessarily physical. Photo: AFP<br />

You can leave your hat on

7 min read . 14 Feb 2016
Men, unlike women, seem to be paralysed by the need for internal change and are at odds when it comes to being alone. Photo: Pranab Jyoti Gogoi/Mint<br />

Game, reset, match

8 min read . 12 Feb 2016
It is important to be able to experience love and sex separately. Photo: <br />

The lustful years

7 min read . 12 Feb 2016
An illustration from the Ramayan, commissioned by Maharana Jagat Singh of Mewar, Rajasthan, in the 17th century, depicts Kaikeyi demanding that Dasharatha send Rama into exile. Photo: © The British Library Board, Add. 15296(1), f.24r<br />

Love and ageing in the classics

7 min read . 20 Feb 2016
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Love stories

1 min read . 14 Feb 2015
John Bayley and Iris Murdoch. Photo: Terry Smith/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images<br />

Curious couples

6 min read . 14 Feb 2015