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The juggernaut of new generations of telecom–5G

Since 5G roll-outs are likely even before 4G is extensively deployed, the adopted road map for 5G should ensure that the existing and near-future investments in 4G can be leveraged

4 min read22 Jan 2018

Demonetisation and the fight against black money

Though demonetisation seemed to be madness, yet there was method in it

5 min read8 Nov 2017

Can blockchain technology be an answer to India’s land governance woes?

There are many dimensions of land reforms in India, while blockchain is no short-cut, but in combination with other institutional reforms, clearly offers a feasible solution

5 min read23 Oct 2017

Crop insurance and the agrarian crisis in India

Crop insurance has failed to provide much-needed relief to farmers from destitution

4 min read23 Jun 2017

Managing India’s electronic waste

One of the important aspects of successful e-waste management in India is the ability of regulations to integrate the informal sector into the formal waste processing industry

4 min read18 May 2017

The fragility of supply chains under proposed GST

GST will make supply chains more efficient, but the drawback in the current draft is that it makes supply chains vulnerable to upstream compliance-related disruption

5 min read11 May 2017

Cast(e) reservations for higher education in a different mould?

Implementation of reservation has been beset with a number of challenges such as correct identification of beneficiaries and uncontested interpretation of constitutional provisions

5 min read10 Mar 2017

When is extrinsic (reward-dependent) motivation bad for employee creativity?

Organization leaders should create conditions that make extrinsic motivation relevant and important to individuals

4 min read3 Mar 2017

Shadows in Trumpland

Americans have to confront the collective shadow which is infiltrating their political discourse, if they want to lessen the antagonism between groups evident today

4 min read20 Feb 2017

Can India produce global start-ups?

Indian start-ups have much to learn from the German mid-sized firms and how they leverage the institutional support provided to them

4 min read17 Feb 2017
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