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Deepti Atul Goswami interacts with her mentee Vikram Duggal, who has a family-owned business. Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint

Two women, two mentorship models

5 min read . 04 Sep 2018
From (left to right): Nilesh Shah, R.M. Vishakha, Sumit Shukla, Amit Gopal

Assured returns on long-term plans

4 min read . 17 Apr 2017
Despite a law since 2013 and the Vishakha guidelines before that, sexual harassment at the workplace remains a maze that nobody seems to be able to negotiate.

An unequal balance

4 min read . 22 Mar 2017
According to a report, 36% of Indian companies are still not fully compliant with the 2013 law.<br />

Making offices safer

8 min read . 20 Mar 2016
A view of Lauenen village. Photo: Prachi Joshi<br />

Fairy tales, toy stories

7 min read . 09 Jan 2016
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